Hey, I'm Jacob

Thu Mar 17 2022 11:00:08 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

and this is my story.

Hey. I'm Jacob. If I had to sum up my personality and motivations in a short description, I would tell you this: I am a problem solver. I graduated in 2016 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering with the goal of becoming a designer. With a few years of automation systems design under my belt, I moved back into the familiar territory of R&D, this time in the world of Aerospace.

I had originally gone into Mech. Eng. because I thought it would put me into a position to solve the problems at the cutting edge of what humanity is capable of. Only, as the years went by and I learned more, I realized time and time again that the cutting edge requires computation at increasingly demanding scales. I began to realize that I needed a new set of skills. So I followed the technology and put my previous experiences and design capabilities to work to pursue software engineeering and explore solutions to big problems.

As the pandemic hit and layoffs happened, I took the opportunity to build something. I hadn't programmed anything serious in several years, but nevertheless, I pushed through the sea of things I didn't know and prototyped a real estate app in excel, written in visual basic. My love for programming was rekindled, and after deciding that I wasn't skilled enough to build the real estate app the way that it needed to be done - as a web app- I began to teach myself web development full time.

If you would like to read more about my thoughts on the benefits and challenges of Mechanical-to-Software crossover, read here.

Here's a bit of resume for those interested. Full resume is available upon request.

Professional Experience

Programming & Web Dev

  • 2 years full-time experience as a self-employed developer at Hyperion Web, a digital marketing firm that I started.

Miscellaneous Web Design and Programming projects since 2017 as a side interest. All of them failures. I learned a lot!

Designed and programmed Arduino microcontroller systems for senior engineering project, which was an ambitious diver propulsion vehicle.
Mechanical Design

Even though my focus is software now, I find quite a lot of value in the overlap of Mechanical Design and Software Design. I list some of my accomplishments here in light of this, and I hope you see the value in them also.

  • 3 years designing and developing electro-magnetic induction tooling for Boeing and Department of Energy.
    Designed and managed magnetic high-strength armor forming experiment and fixture development.
  • 1.5 years designing automation and conveyor systems in the dairy industry.


2 Published Papers on Identification of Noise Sources for Toyota:
Road Tests of the Acoustic Loads on the Back Panels of a Pickup Truck
Vehicle Wind Noise Measurements in a Wind Tunnel with a Contoured Top Profile


I'm always open to thoughts on the subject matter, new ideas, relevant criticisms, and different ways of looking at things. Have one of these? Write it in the comments below.



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